Dating a doctor a good idea?

My boyfriend is studying for his mcats and well he's never there. Soon he'll head to medachool and itll get worse. I love him and we want to get married but him taking the mcats is giving me a glimpse of our future together and I dont think i want to marry a man who will always be busy and will never be there for me. Him studying for the mcats just gave me a glinpse of the future and Ifeel like if I do marry him when he becomes a doctor im going to be unhappy. Should we just break up

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  • 9 years ago
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    This is the beginning. For many years, the study of medicine will be a singular devotion to anyone who is on the path of becoming a physician. After four years of medical school, there will be internship, where he is almost completely unavailable to you. Then 3-7 years of residency (depending upon specialty) with very little time. Then, there may well be a fellowship. What concerns me more is what you are doing during this time. You can't plan to wait and simply be available to him during the minutes in which he will be available, yet tired. You need to plan a course for your own life toward fulfillment, and then, if you find each other again in the course of your own growth, you can be together. Fulfillment doesn't really come from our attachment to others. It comes from our own comfort and satisfaction within our own skins. It's then, and only then that we can share our lives successfully with others.

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    Think of it as an investment right now. It kind of depends on what kind of doctor he's going to be. Medical school will occupy his time for the next several years. His interneship will take a lot of his time afterward. If he becomes a GP, internist, endocrinologist, etc. his hours won't be so bad after that. Surgeons are on call all the time, especially trauma surgeons. If you can stick it out for a few years it will probably get better when he graduates.

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    Great answer by chafarm123!

    Most relationships do not survive medical school and residency. He's more likely than not to dump you for a nurse or fellow med student, or just because he's too busy and you're whining about never seeing him.

    Probably best to cut your losses and move on... assuming he actually makes it into medical school. Taking the MCAT is one thing. Being accepted to a medical school is another.

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    If you cant see you future spending like that, then you should consider it. Doctors work long hours. But remember, you could be working too. So if youre both working similar hours, you could spend time together each day. If you dont think you can handle it, then move on.

    Make a list of all the pro's and cons. For example, a pro: you'll see each other less therefore you have time to spend with friends and time by yourself.

    Con: he'll work long and probably unsociable hours.

    Do the list and weigh the good with the bad.

    Ps: burn the list after, DO NOT let him see it.

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  • 9 years ago

    Being a doctor is a great thing. He wont be so busy but if you want to breakup then do it.

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