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should I date him? (boys and girls please answer)?

We have been flirting for a while now. I really, really, really like him and we have so much in common. There is also amazing chemistry. He has asked me to be his girlfriend. he is very good friends with my best friend, who knew him before me, and she has assured me he's a good guy cos i've only known him a few months. BUT:

- he said he would get skype to talk to me then didnt

- he cancelled a date the night before

- he asked me for a naked picture

- when someone bitched about me to him he believed them straight off without asking me for my side of the story

- he had a 2 year relationship with an older girl, scary!

surely these aren't good signs? but then surely if he's asking me to be his gf that shows he does really like me? what shall i do??!

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    He's a perv. And not a decent guy . Decent guys want you for you. Not your naked body on a picture.

    He's influenc-able. I don't know how to spell that. But he believes anything anyone says. Just find a guy who loves you and not your body :p

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    4 years ago

    i in my opinion could no rely the way you seem as though,yet what counts is your lvely spirit what's interior outdoors makes you lok alluring theory-approximately his concern he nevertheless has the magnetic allure so i recommend you could provide him a extra particular care and in case you are not getting alongside mutually plz don't sense sorry for his concern and get in a relation,till you fell in love with him.....i could date an amputee guy

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    He only wants your body.

    A good guy will not ask for a naked picture, even you guys are not together yet.

    He is irresponsible and play guy.

    Yes, he likes you, but not your personality, but your body.

    if you don't believe, give it a try.

    You date him, i bet in a week, he will wants to kiss you, have s*x with you and ask for your naked photo.

    My suggestion is that not to date this guy, and never give him your naked photo.

    Moreover, if you think he's nice being a friend, just stay at friends zone.

    Don't go across or you'll regret it yourself.

    Just continue flirt with him but don't be his girlfriend.

    But the best, is to get away from him.

    He's sounds like a perverted scary je*k. No offense but yeah and sorry!

    Hope this helps!

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    The most likely thing is that he forgot to get it. If you want him to get it to talk to you, drag him to get it or remind him often, then give him a cookie. (Yes, metaphorically of course)

    2.@cancelled date

    Obviously something came up. It must have been important, because~well, why would he want to pass up a date?

    3.@naked picture

    I don't know your age, so meh.

    It means he is horny. [Teenage] boys get that way whether they like it or not, though if he asked you for it, it either means he is a very bold person, OR he really trusts you. In other situations, few people would ask such a thing for fear that it would ruin their relationship.

    He trusts you that you will love him even if he asks this of you.

    No, don't give it to him.


    That is human nature. Humans naturally tend to believe the first person they hear. One of the reasons I hate humans.

    Anyway, if you already made up, then it means that he was proven wrong. That [should] make him think twice about your side of the story.

    5.@2 year

    this means he knows the alternatives. In other words, he less likely to leave you thinking other girls are better, assuming you are better than him ex, which probably isn't hard, as most males remember their exes as b*tches.

    Alternatively, make sure he's over her


    1st one isn't a bad sign at all. He forgot. Remind him or get over it.

    2nd isn't a bad sign at all either. Something came up. Blame things going on around him.

    3rd means that he trusts you, which is a good sign, though it implies some stuff about his personality which I personally don't approve of...

    4th is human nature. Surely YOU'VE done this before? It will also happen a lot with your parents if you aren't an only child.

    5th is supposed to be a good thing, but could be a bad thing, but probably not.

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    9 years ago

    No. Just don't. It doesn't matter what he says, how he acts does. He'll just use you. He doesn't even trust you honey.

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    9 years ago

    Yeah coming from the boys side he sounds like one of those guys that only wants girls to be able to brag to everyone and if he is asking you for that stuff then there is no way he wants you for the reason of being with you!

    -naked pictures means he is a pervy weirdo!

    -He says stuff and then doesn't do it means he is a liar!

    -Cancelling a date the night before means he is too unreliable!

    -and he is completely gullible for believing rumors about you!

    any decent person would know that none of these should happen especially if he wants to start a good relationship with you! The guy is an absolute dead weight and no good can come of him!

    Hope i helped!

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    STAY AWAY FROM HIM! This guy will only bring trouble :(

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    this guy's only in it for your curves. dont

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    Question: how old are you?

    Age aint nothing but a number, just as long as the love and maturity factor is there.

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