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If you oppose Christianity & similar religions (Jew/Islam) & you're against homosexuality, which party is that?

If you oppose the right wing bigotry of Christianity & all similar religions (Jewishsm or whatever they call it, Islam etc...) & you're staunchly against homosexuality and their left wing agenda, if you're seriously against right wing animal abuse but oppose the nonsense that is vegetarianism, which political party would you have to side with???


@Feynman: where do I sign??

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@Appono: you really ought to read more! Free your mind!

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@Jonah: close! I stand for Truth and the denial of bullshit!

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@James: Marklar? What's that? The aka of some user on here???

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@Jonah: I don't deny anyone anything but I'm tired of their homoagenda B.S. constantly in my face. Just like I'm tired of the Xtian agenda shoved constantly down my throat. Sometimes I think homosexuality is a hoax to piss off the religious right. I don't know which scares me the worst, or which I want to be the furthest away from.

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    If you're against homosexuality, that is ok. But you can't deny homosexuals the right to marry or love or whatever they want with another person. If you don't agree with denying them their rights as human beings, then maybe you're a Libertarian?

    I don't agree with homosexuality. I am against animal cruelty. I am not a vegetarian. I only eat meat(Grass fed, pastured). I am an atheist. I am for freedom.

  • Anonymous
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    this is a court Case. most people misunderstand the court system. The judge is impartial. there is No fair only impartial it is up to each party in front of the judge to present a case that supports their position. the judge makes sure that no one abuses the Law. The jury most of the time is instructed to follow guide lines in the law to make a decision. the Fault is the side that was prosecuting did not present sufficient evidence to fit under the instructions given the jury. for instance the Height of the perpetrator compared to the victim Back ground information on the victim that would show that it is not his nature to be violent. if you want to do something about this then write an article for the local paper in that town chastise the prosecution for a sloppy job.

  • BoB
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    Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei

  • 9 years ago

    The Nazi Party. Your views are too evil for mainstream politics.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You would have your own personal beliefs.

  • You're closely related to Marklar.

  • Animal abuse isn't necessarily right-wing, and vegetarianism not necessarily nonsense. Nevertheless, I consider religion to be separate from politics. If you oppose it from a political point of view then you have a mixed political and religious view, which I consider nonsense.

  • 9 years ago

    Erm...I have personally never heard any argument against homosexuality that is not religiously based. The other argument is that it is "unnatural" which isn't supported by nature (whiptail lizards, for example, are all female and sexually stimulate each other to produce eggs).

  • 9 years ago

    The misanthrope party.

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