Network issues with new PC?


I have been having problems with my brand new PC in getting connected to the internet. I got a new router today which I hoped would solve the problem but nope, it's still as bad as it was. The router is on the ground floor in my house and I am on the 3rd story.

My laptop and xbox are able to connect to the network with a full signal yet for some reason the computer only gets around 2 bars of signal and it connects to the internet without inernet access. I have tried an old PCI card and two USB adapters and they have all give me the same result.

Can anyone work out what my issue could be here?

here is the adapter I am using at the minute.


DrDave you claim I am too far away. How do you explain that my laptop can work fine and my Xbox when they are sitting right beside the PC?

I am not able to connect to the internet AT ALL. It connects to the LAN but without internet access.

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  • DrDave
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    9 years ago
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    See if you can understand this. YOU ARE TOO FAR AWAY.

    EDIT: I CLAIM it because I DESIGN WIFI equipment. Secondly, you're full of crap if you think you are getting a full signal on your other devices in the same room as your trouble pc! They may be working, they are NOT by ANY means working as well as they should. FACT: A WIFI signal travels OUTWARDS not UPWARDS and DOWNWARDS. At best without investing any money, you can try tilting the antenna sideways on the router and the PC. Why anyone would even attempt a wireless network 3 floors apart and expect good results is a joke. Especially a gamer. GET WIRED. If you invest in another router and hardwire it to the router downstairs, you'll see an amazing difference in ALL your upstairs devices.

  • PC Doc
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    9 years ago

    check the internet option tab, make sure that connection tab is not pointing to specific gateway

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