BY LAW, is there any regulation for the heat a flat can reach before owners have to take precautions to cool?

Our flat heats up so much over the summer period, that it is unhealthy.

We have to avoid the kitchen and living room area during daylight as it at a point where it is hard to breath, we have to remain in the bedrooms, with curtains closed and our fans run 24/7.

We go outside to cool down, because even during the day the outside is cooler.

The windows only open about 2 inches, which I am aware would have to fit with other rules, but there is almost no ventilation of air con options, is there laws against this?

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  • 9 years ago
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    The only place that there are any laws requiring AC is Arizona, in the US.

    Buy yourself an air conditioner.

  • 9 years ago

    There are no laws in the UK which regulate the temperature of a domestic residence. Most people's houses get very hot in the summer. This can be uncomfortable, but it isn't 'unhealthy' and your landlord can't do much about it. I can only suggest buying a portable air conditioning unit if the fans aren't adequate - you can get them for a couple of hundred pounds from places like Argos and B&Q.

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