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QA : PROS and CONS when a country has too much population like China???!?

pros :

cons :

just in your thoughts

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    Huge economy, Huge work force, high education standards


    Expensive Land, inflation, poverty, deprivation of rights...over filled cities

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    Pros: everything can be done in a uniform matter and things can get done quicker .cheap and abundant labor force, and big domestic market,,,,the huge increase in people means more people to do more work. This makes a country more efficient, and less dependent on outside sources. More People = More Efficiency = More $$$

    cons : the increase of people causes overcrowding, and it may decrease hygienic standards in a country. It also means that more people will be eating up food and gulping more resources like water.the human quality, poverty,hunger,malnutrition etc.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    big economy

    poverty of many people

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