i have an iphone and in all my contacts i can see also the yahoo contacts?

i need to remove all the yahoo email contacts i have on my phone but without deleting my email address from my phone as i need to see if i receive any emails... i tried to find how to do it but had no luck. its like my email is synchronized with my phone as i had a blackberry before and the same thing happened. anyone knows how to solve this problem ? my partner has an iphone too and also a hotmail email but this did not happen to him... help :-s


i have around 500 yahoo contacts there has to be another way then removing them one by one :-s

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  • 9 years ago
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    My phone also synchronizes ALL contacts from every social networking, email, whatever I use. There may or may not be an option when you're actually in your contacts in a menu? To be able to select which contacts you can view. My phone's got a menu option where I can just pick and choose which address books I want in my main contact book. However, I can't completely delete them.

  • 9 years ago

    Go into ur contacts edit and delete what u need to

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