Anorexia, amenorrhea, pain in bones, Please help?

I used to have a BMI of 16

Now it's 18.5.

My bones show more then ever though? I don't get my period anymore, I'm currently restricting again. 200 or less a day. My collar bones and ribs hurt so very much. Haven't had my period in a year it will be. Do I need to gain weight or..?

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  • Laurel
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    9 years ago
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    Yes, you need to gain weight, and most importantly, to eat sufficiently. I also have anorexia and am in recovery, so I know how hard this is, but you NEED to do this for your mental and physical health. As you gain weight, eat more and your body trusts you again, your period will come back, and your bones should start to hurt less. I'd also recommend you talk to a dietician, doctor and therapist.

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