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What's better running on the ground or on a treadmill? ?

I find it awkward running on treadmills but everyone tells me that it makes you fitter but I don't see how?

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    9 years ago
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    Then everyone is telling you rubbish, On a treadmill you are in a building in a closed environment. training should be in the open air. Mice use treadmills, men do not need to. Though they are stupid enough to pay for the use of one.

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    5 years ago

    It is dependent. For those who reside in a excellent, smooth, open discipline, then simply go outside. If, on the other hand, you're going to get mugged, or poisoned, and even run down, then i might recommend that you get on the treadmill.

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    Most runners prefer running outdoors because it breaks the monotony. It is also more challenging.

    However, running on a treadmill is useful for practicing fixed pacing, form and maintaining endurance when there is no option to run outdoors (e.g. during a blizzard, thunderstorms, excessive heat).

    Realistically, running outside is better for many reasons -- first of all there are no 10K races or marathons on treadmills. It is hard to change speeds at will on a treadmill -- you have to fiddle with the controls to go faster/slower. After about an hour you start to feel like you are a hamster on a running start to crave whole grain pellets, take smaller sips from a water bottle, have a desire to roll around in sawdust, etc.

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  • Connor
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    9 years ago

    Better for what?

    Nothing is better over everything else in everything.

    If you don't like treadmills, don't use them.

    It's harder running outside than on a treadmill. But they both have their pros and cons.

    Nothing is always better over everything else. So don't listen to people who say one is always better than the other.

    The reasons why I like Treadmills:

    -I can push myself more on them

    - I can control my speed EXACTLY and force myself to maintain that speed

    - I can control all factors of my run including weather, time, distance, speed etc.

    - I can train myself with speed much better than outside

    Why I enjoy running outdoors:

    -It works my muscle harder

    - It's more entertaining than a treadmill in the gym

    -I get a different workout

    If you put up the incline on a treadmill you can easily fix the discrepancy between running outside on flat ground and running on a treadmill as far as effort. Treadmill running can easily be made harder than outside running and outside running can easily be made harder than treadmill running.

    Outdoor air has JACK to do with it lol I find that comment funny. Oxygen is oxygen, doesn't matter where the hell it comes from.


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  • See

    Gives a few details about which is better though it is a personal choice of course - both ahve advantages and disadvantages

  • Mar
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    9 years ago

    It's better to run on the ground since the force of gravity is more perpendicular to the ground. Unlike on treadmills, most are angled making our body muscles react to the force of gravity. This affects proper circulation and can create muscle spasms when done almost everyday.

  • 9 years ago

    Walking on a treadmill is much better! Walking outside you have to keep stop starting on roads/movin out people's way/ If the sun is beaming down on you it can make your motivation slower cause your hot and bothered, where as a running machine you know exactly how far your going , no distractions and no stops and starts with the out door things , hoped this helped :))

  • 9 years ago

    The reason why running on a treadmill will get you in better shape is because you are running at a consistent speed. Whereas running on ground, you are able to control your speed, which means you can be running at slower speeds than you think, plus on a treadmill, you can add lots of incline, or decline if you choose.

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