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I accidentally bent my wrist a little too far forward and now it hurts really bad, and I don't know why?

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    Hmm, I'd say you know why. You accidently bent your wrist a little too far forward.

    Haha anyways, it sounds like you might have sprained it, or it's just a little out of place. I'm sure your doctor could fix it right up if you can't!

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    i'm no longer a are many Yahoo solutions members...yet we do (properly....maximum persons in any case) carry a resonance of logic. and that's the suited i'm able to offer to helping you here. i do no longer think of "cracking" your wrist is the reason for the concern---whether, doing so would worsen the placement. i could have your well-being care professional examine the concern out for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome--a situation trouble-unfastened between workplace people who type lots; victims additionally contain those dedicated cyber web surfers, too. got here upon early sufficient, the situation would be easily taken care of and cleared.

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    My dear friend,here is the simple remedy.take some hot water,add salt in it and slowly pour it on affected part.Within three days you will be alright.

    Source(s): I am a counsellor.
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