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What is the quickest way to get a huge penis?

Hey guys, so if u remember me I'm the dude with the 7 foot girl friend who's that hight with out shoes on, I am only 5'5" and I'm at chest level on her do when I get hugged by her I get buried by her boobs. But anyway After me and my girlfriend came back to my house after our date she said she was to tired to go home so she asked if she could stay the night at my place, I said sure then she said great thanks then asked me to rub her feet, she always wears heels when we go out so I rubbed her feet. Then she said she was tired and wanted to go to bed. So I showed her where the guest room was and went to sleep but shortly after that she awoke and asked if she could sleep in my bed because she was " scared " so she asked for a hug before we went to sleep, she slept in a bikini so I got a whole lota boob from that hug, then she hopped in my bed. Shortly after that she kinda descreetly reached for my weener and when she grabbed it she realized it was really tiny to her cause she's so tall! I want the fastest way to add girth and length to my penis any help?

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    Your girlfriends height has nothing to do with your penis! Be happy with what nature has given you! Sounds like she is prettty horny and she shouldn't really be grabbing at you! As long as your equipment works- you have nothing to worry about- if things don't work out make sure your next girlfriend is at a manageable height!

    p.s.- there is no quick way to enlargen your stuff!


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    There Is no method to develop penis dimension, be completely satisfied with what you might have it is his you employ it now not the dimensions, you do not say your dimension but when it is five" duration and three-four" girth your av, if now not such a lot girl dont care simply asking as you'll please them ;)

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    Well how big are you?

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    What has her height gotta do with your penis size? And science says that the penis size can't be enlarged, be happy with what you are, and you might as well know that even a 2.5 inch penis sufficient for her satisfaction.

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    Change your name to Ivor Biggen

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