Australian geography help? (will choose best answer!!)?

I need some help with these questions, I'm new to Australia, and I have to answer Australian geography questions. I've looked in an atlas, and online, I can't mind much. Even if you can only answer one, that would be a great help!


1. Name to large gulfs on the South Australian coast

2. Name six inland lakes in SA.

3. The Murray River empties into what lake?

4. Name five SA towns on the Murray River.

5. The large island south of Adelaide is:

6. Name the two peninsulas on either side of Spencer Gulf.

7. Name five creeks in the north of the state. (SA)

8. Name five towns in SA.


1. Name two gulfs on WA's coast

2. An archipelago is a group of islands. Name two archipelagos off the Western Australian coast.

3. Name four capes off the WA coast.

4. Name five towns on the WA coastline.

5. Name five inland towns in WA.

6. Three WA deserts are

7. Name six inland lakes in WA

8. Name three rivers in WA

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    South Australia

    1. St Vincents Gulf

    2. Lake Erye, Lake Gairdner Lake Torrens, Lake Frome, Lake Callabonna

    3.Lake Alexandria

    4. Monash, Berri, Renmark, Moorook, Morgan

    5. Kangaroo Island

    6.Yorke and Erye

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