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Are eBay electronics products that lack remote controls typically shady or stolen?

I was looking for a cheap DTV converter box and was surprised by how many are sold without remotes. Why would the remote be missing so often?

I don't know if this applies to other electronic product-types, but I'm guessing it might.


Well, if those remotes are mostly just lost, they ought to charge far less, considering the major inconvenience of lacking one, and the expense of buying a replacement. A lot of gadgets have features that ONLY the remote can access.

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    The ones I saw that were marked no remote were used. It's a simple fact that remotes get lost. I volunteer as a tester in the electronics department of a local thrift shop and I spend much of my time looking through our vast supply of remotes trying to find remotes for TV's, DVD and CD players, VCR's, home theater systems, etc. The remotes have either been lost or thrown out because they broke.

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    IMHO, no. It is most likely it is used in a household that does not care for the original remote, mostly due to kids, pets, or a disposable culture.

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