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Irregular period and big blood clots?

I started my period almost 2 years ago, and it just happens when ever. Some times, it wont happen for maybe a month and a half, and if it does, it'll be so light i don't even need a pad or tampon, but other times, it'll be on and off every 3 days to a week for maybe 2 months. Also, I have huge blood clots and tons of them every time I'm on my period. I never know when it's coming but it's crazy, it can last 2 days one time, then last for 2 months other times, any advice?

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    Try taking the pill, it will regulate your periods and blood flow. It may take a time for your body to adjust, however within a couple of months you will know exactly when you are going to come on- every 3 weeks after you take the pill.

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