What does it mean if a guy doesn't text you when you give them your number?

On the last day of school I gave the guy I like my number, but he hasn't texted me back. I don't know if he's shy or if he doesn't like me. I really thought he did like me, but he hasn't texted or called or anything. I think I'm just paranoid. I don't know what to think. This is probably a really stupid question to ask, but I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

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    Well I've never had this problem. Anyway probably he just hasn't thought about texting you because maybe it hasn't crossed his mind? Or you might be right that he doesn't like you that's why he hasn't bothered texting you. Or yeah he could just be really shy that why he's having a hard time texting you. Did he give you his number? Why don't you try texting him.

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