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Christians, is lutheranism a satanic denomination?

My daughter goes to a kindergarten at a Lutheran church. She made a mothers day card with baphomet horns on it and when we went to her performance the teachers were making the kids do the horns on stage. I guess my girlfriend could see it in my eyes that I was a little uneasy so she whispered ”it just means I love you” but shouldn't a so called Christian church know that Helen Keller was a theistic satanist? Don't they understand that when rock stars, gang members, rappers, cultists and masons do baphomet horns, it probably doesn't mean I love you?

I look around and noticed illuminati symbolism all over the church. I would expect to see it in a catholic church since the Vatican is the satanic headquarters on earth but in a normal church? I'm used to this in secular schools where it was mandatory to read novels about witchcraft, sing odes to mother earth, do symbolism, worship idols in the form of heroes, and learn about every pagan religion but you're not even allowed to learn about the Christian roots of America. That's normal. But I heard a Christian one time complaining that lutheranism is satanic, is it true? Why?

Btw the kids in the church are allowed to listen to rap on their headphones and they're just as sexual as regular kids but the adults don't complain. Mean anything?

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    For the sane who may come across this, the Illuminati died out over 227 years ago, they existed for all of about 11 years and there is no such thing as Illuminati symbolism..duh!

    See here:

    For those who get all bunged up about the has nothing to do with Masons, or even the fictional baphomet. See here:

    Hellen Keller was not a theistic satanist, that's just ignorant. Miss Keller was what some call a Second Advent Christian, definitely not a satanist by a long shot...unless your one of this radical Christian kooks who believe that anyone not your denomination is a satanist.

    You gave your self away I think with the statement about the Vatican being satanic HQ..that was funny so thanks for that.

    You do realize that all Christians came from Catholicism, which is latin for universal in relation to Christians...duh!

    So overall you made a 9 on the ignorance scale and about 9.5 on the troll scale...congrats!

    Children should not learn about matters of faith in school, that is what Church and sunday school are for...duh!

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    I would be surprised if there was any Christian church which was not in some way promoting the cause of Satan.

    I'm a (nominal) member of an SDA church in Australia, and I've been checking out the other Christian churches in my area as well and also those on my satellite TV. It's quite clear that their mission statements do not line up with Jesus'. The mission of each of them is to grow their membership. Pure and simple.

    They tell themselves that that will mean more Christians and therefore it's what Jesus wants but they're kidding themselves.

    Jesus wants (I deduce this from what he says in the NT) people to follow him, to understand how he can save them, to understand what salvation is, and he wants them apparently to "not forsake the assembling of themselves together". I.e. he wants them to also get together in a church, any Christian church, to worship together once a week, in addition to living in his pocket the rest of the week.

    So on the surface it looks like Jesus and all the Christian churchs are on the same page. But clearly they're not. It's clear to me, as an evangelist, that the greatest obstacle to non-Christians becoming Christians is the expectation that they have to become a member of one of those organisations, to contribute to, as they see it, swelling the coffers of these already wealthy bureaucracies and lining the pockets of the often overfed (sorry to get personal, I say this in love) employees of them, in order to be baptised into Jesus' family.

    So, yes, all the churches are doing Satan's work. They are keeping a lot of people from coming to Jesus, from getting to know what God is really like, from learning that the popular image of God is a fabrication that's been promoted by His enemies since the fall of Genesis 3.

    Most of the members of these churches, my own SDA church included, sincerely believe they are doing God's work, and are more distraught than anyone that they are failing to bring people to Christ, that they are seeing their membership numbers falling every year.

    I haven't set foot in a Lutheran church but I am sure that organisation also would be beset by this corruption. It's something political scientists and organisational psychologists agree on, when people set up an organisation based on an ideal, after a couple of generations the influence of the ideal on the business decisions made just fades away and all that remains is the motivation of self-perpetuation, of survival. Chairman Mao used to recommend throwing a revolution at least once every generation. "Bomb the headquarters" was his solution to this inevitable degeneration. Until he himself came to power that is.

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    No! It is a satin denomination.

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    troll much?

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    Your daughter goes to a kindergarten at a Lutheran church, and of course you have no say in the matter.

    I call troll, and a poor one at that.

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