I'm extrememly nervous for exams next week?! HELP?

I'm in year 10 and first ever exams are in less than a week, I'm trying to study but don't get it. I already have extreme anxiety problems and this isn't helping!!! Can anyone help me please!!!!


That's exactly what I'm doing right now!!!! Revising biology staying up all night!

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    take it easy, and have a good rest. Don't stay up all night. Good luck!

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    I'm in first year college and I have exams next week, too. If there's anything I learned about studying in general (I had to study a lot in high school), it is to not be afraid to ask your teacher questions or go in for extra help, to study and take breaks and repeat, to eat and drink well, exercise and lastly to have enough rest.

    I never took breaks before and I became really burnt out. Now I have to take breaks or else I can't concentrate. I used to also stay up all night to study..again, bad idea! You need your rest so that you can function the next day. Make sure to eat breakfast as well and give yourself some down time. :) Maybe go for a bike ride, go swimming, watch your fave show, read, etc.


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    Whatever you do don't stress yourself out. I've been there and know that it will make your grades worse; especially during revision. I was in year 10 last year doing my science exams, i stayed up all night revising biology trying to cram it in and i ended up with a B. Then i revised for chemostry properly with lots of breaks and was thorough on each topic and i got an A*. The best thing to do is not stress out, just believe in yourself and make use of the time you have. It's best to revise a lot but make sure you have lots of mini 5 minute breaks, drink lots of water and eat properly. By being calm the stuff you need to learn will be much more likely to stay in your head. I'd advise you write down the main things you need to know in small bulletpoint lists or make flashcards or postcards. Maybe highlight your revision guides(if you have them), this really helped me out. Remember to stay calm and just revise to the best of your ability. If you don't get the content then take it more slowly as this won't overload you. Good luck in your exams and don't be too nervous, gcse's aren't as difficult as people say!!!:)

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    Stay calm and try to get oral help (i.e by listening to video clips, consulting help from teacher) it is more easier to understand in this way. Try to get as much help from the teacher.

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