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How to set hair without using gel?

I want something which is temporary, which will set my hair in desired shape and position, which won't make hair sticky (slick) and which won't give a wet look. The best option I'm currently using is water, but it keeps hair only till it dries, and one blow of wind changes my hairstyle

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    Wax, if you get the right one it shouldn't look wet at all, it'll hold position and you can move it throughout the day, it'll be a lil sticky tough.

    A weak hairspray is another option, strong hair spray will hold position really well but if you move it it sort of "cracks". A weaker one will hold simple styles without being sticky and cracking, it'll look and feel more like you just slept on it, and it's naturally kinking upwards.

    Another really "natural" way to go about it is to just use heat(and maybe a bit of water).

    Hair kind of works like plastics do in shop class.

    If you hold your hair into the position you want(maybe when it's a little wet) and heat it up using the blow drier on max, then when it's hot(and dry) switch to cool mode and quickly cool it down it'll hold it's position(weakly).

    This works if you just want a bit of wave(or the opposite) or want it to have a bit of volume/height...basically just basic stuff like if you wake up and your fringe is in your eyes or really flat, use a blow drier to make it sit up or out of the way.

    All of these answers are in order of strength of hold. Sorry if the English is terrible, I'm just trying to get some quick points so i can ask a question :P

    Source(s): Wasn't too long ago when I was a kid, and tried everything. I just use a bit of wax to keep it out of my face now, it feels a little greasy but doesn't look it, and doesn't feel gross or anything.
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    No Hair Gel

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    depends on the style. Some times a good blast from a hot blow dryer will help, but usally you'll need some kind of product. If you want something with more flexibilty, look in a good styling wax, putty or pomade. They are re-sculptable so you can refesh your style mid day with a bit of water and a comb.

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    use hair oil mix with water don't use any product

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    Hair spray / and / or salt spray.

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    You could try using a leave on conditioner.

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    hairspray would be your best bet

    but even then there will be residue

    if everyone could set their hair using nothing then the hair care industry wouldnt be the multi billion dollar business it is

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