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What do I do when Im starving at 130 in the morning?

Its 130 in the morning....

and I am so hungry its ridiculous. I live with my parents so I don't buy my own food and if I did Id have nowhere to store any of it where 3 younger siblings wouldnt raid my stash. My stepmom has her "migraines" all the f*cking time and uses that as an excuse to not cook anything for me and especially when you go and you look through the kitchen and you just see 100 different things that are all sides or don't match up into a meal or just random things to be added to something.

We have a GALLON of ice cream but we dont even have like a stupid f*cking bag of cereal I can munch on.

My dad makes tons of money (last year.. something like 140 grand..) and it all goes to stupid migraine medicine and doctors, shoes, and their car bills (my car is probably 10x cheaper to maintain.. a honda civic vs a suburban..) and not just a good decent supply of food for the family every month.

Im starving all the time. I have a job and I make good money all the time, and I eat alot of food at school and at my girlfriends house. I also eat alot of fast food, restaurant food, and other walk in and eat places around town. I probably only eat at home 1/3 of the time.

But its 130 and I havent eaten since 4... and Im starving.

What do I do now? I cant sleep and I cant eat >_<

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    If you are starving around 1:30 AM, then eat something around 12:30 AM -- guaranteed you will no longer be hungry at 1:30 AM !!!!

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    DONT circulate OBLEMIC!!!! going oblemic has undesirable section effects. your physique won't get the stuff it needs from the foodstuff and you your epidermis won't have the supplementations it needs so which you will start up looking gruesome. you will additionally start up getting week. why do u want to lose wight ? your no longer obese purely slightly obese. no be counted if it is peer tension then in basic terms forget approximately on the subject of the those that purely look at your physique and the variety you look quite of observing you personlaity and lines. best element to do in dropping weight is exerciseing and eating healthful like salads and culmination and veges. in case you consume all that your epidermis and hair will look extra effective.

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    will have to buy your own food that your siblings will not eat for example buy some cottage cheese and other healthy things they may not like the taste of.

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    why dont u have some toast and then talk to ur dad about how to change the shopping list, you can also get some frozen ready meals in the mean time so when u are hungry u can microwave them as a quick fix. get some cereal bars as well. hope this helped u.

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  • 9 years ago

    Eat vegetable or fruits something that is good for you. You might want to stay away from that ice cream though. But like I said if you are really hungry try eating a vegetables or fruits that you like. Maybe toast some bread and put a little butter on it. I hope that helps you. Always eat light at such a late time. But I understand you. Lol! I've gotten VERY hungry in the wee hours of the morning....I HATE when that happens.

    Source(s): I get the same problems too sometimes.
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    Away from all the emotional stuff going on at home, you need protein, not carbs. Protein will keep you fuller for longer so if you have protein around 6-8pm you won't wake up hungry again. If you have some money go to the supermarket tomorrow afternoon and buy 2 chickens- it should be enough for 3 evening meals. Keep one in your girlfs fridge (so it doesn't get raided at home).

    Take-out food is usually high carb, low protein. So top up with your chicken! Alternatively stash some cans of tuna so you can have some in the evening.

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