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Does anyone actually like Sheamus?

I never really cared too much for Sheamus. He's not that spectacular in the ring to me. I'm not saying that he can't wrestle, there's just nothing special about him. I never liked him as world champion as well, I just don't take him serious as champ. Plus his gimmick is boring to me, and they say Orton is boring.

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    HELL NO.

    I'd rather see McIntyre or Barrett in Sheamus's current position!

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    for me sheamus is in the middle. sheamus has all the tools, wrestling wise he wins alot and has a great and big move set. charisma wise he loves to show to the audience and his mic skills are gradually increasing. the only thing i dont like is his gimmick. he doesnt really have a gimmick, hes just a very hardcore baby face. i dont like how in the riong wwe makes him a monster with his brawling fighting but on promos he is extreme ly nice and gentle. you would think wwe would learn after the john cena experince to not make a guy just a good loving babayface like sheamus currently is. sheamus is great, young and talented dont get me wrong but before things ge too late and he ends up like john cena, he should stay face, just with a new gimmick. this is only my opinion, hope this helped.

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  • I don't think there is anyone in wwe that is spectacular. There all boring. I like Sheamus he is good in the ring.

  • Mark
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    I'm somewhere in the middle, i liked him alot better as a heel, now he's a face, he's just like the rest of the face guys, always smiling and cracking lame jokes.

    Wheather or not he's Triple H's buddy is irrelevant, he obviously has the 'look' that the WWE want, so naturally he'll go far.

    But for me, he's not as interesting anymore.

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  • Limely
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    Sheamus is great I love him as a face/heel knows how to be funny plays his character well and wins and loses matches. Sheamus also wrestles really good and one of the very few wrestlers now that has a background in the independent circuit. All the wrestlers say they wish 20 more guys like sheamus came in

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    I like him as a dominant heel character.

    He's pale red haired and looks evil.

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    I like the big guy, fella. I like his in-ring style, he's seems a friendly guy, I like his sense of humor, and I like his Irish accent, and I like that he's not a cartoon character or a clown. Right now, he's my favorite WWE performer.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I do like him though. He is one of my favourite wrestlers. He is able to play heel well but he is a bit boring as a face. I can take him serious as the world heavyweight champion. He has got the ring skills and his mic skills are gradually increasing.

    He has a good moveset but yes, Guys like Randy Orton are better but his dominating structure makes up for it. Although, most of the times, Sheamus got his world title shots for his friendship with Triple H, He still deserved those shots. I mean when was the last time we saw a dominant and monstrous World Champion? I agree that Sheamus is a bit boring as a face. I would like to see him as heel once more.

    And yes, not many had an impact like Sheamus when they debuted. Won the WWE Title in just like 2 months since debut and again, he beat John Cena for the title. He became a 2 time WWE Champion and is now, the world heavyweight champion. In total, he is a 3 time world champion. He has a dominant body. I admit, I am getting bored of his gimmick. He should just go back to his Celtic Warrior gimmick.

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    Nope, well I admit I used to like him when he was a heel, but not anymore. I guess there is somethinga a little special about it, it is said time and time again, no superstar just burst onto the scene like that and made such an impact did they ? and he was on like a years winning streak when WWE decided to push him again once he was back in the US title division w/ Daniel Bryan, WWE built him up, turning him face in the process, which was a smart move because heels don;t do as well as faces because it's WWEs duty to please the fans, so he won the royal rumble later on, still on his push, and not everybody can win the rumble so this was special for Sheamus, and then, he went on to win the title as wm 28, which is pretty special to me, so I will admit, he is pretty talented and special, but he's just not my type, he faces all the guys i like !

  • I guess Hornswoggle....that's it

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    Ummm.....i agree but shamus is a good wresler .......but i dnt think shamus is able to be a world heavy. Champ....Randy orton,Triple H,Brock lenser,undertaker they are better than him.....

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