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Ferret Biting? Is it because she is in a unfamiliar territory?

Hi ya'll

I went to a ferret breeder yesturday and got a female ferret

when we first went their i had to choose out of about 10, the one i picked was wrapping its body around my neck and being all cuddley and playful

the next morning i woke up and she wasnt the same

she's biting down and taking blood, i still love her either way but im just wondering is it just because she is unfamiliar with the new smells?

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    Yes, it could be that she is in a new home so she is needing time to adjust. Give her a couple days to rest and get used to how things work. You can still pet her, you can even let her out of the cage to run around. When she bites you, tap her on the nose firmly (not hard, just firmly) and say no. She will catch on that biting is not welcome and will stop.

    it will take time to get her to break that habit, but it can be done ^_^

    Source(s): Proud owner of three boys
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