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Is me being depressed bad ?

I feel so bad and a burden for being depressed. Like, I feel as if my family doesent need me/care/ believe me that I'm depressed. I sleep a lot to get away from my home life. I come home, check my phone, sleep until dinner, then go to bed again. I have no energy its like a cycle.

My mum is having her boyfriend living here without my sister or myselfs approval. He just moved in. He doesent pay rent only $50 a week on shopping. I'm just feeling really down about him. I don't like him. My mum yells at me on a daily basis and so does my sister. I don't see my dad, every few months for an hour. And my school life has a lot of dramas. Me and my boyfriend broke up, and that's contributed to my depression

I guess the thing is, I feel horrible for feeling so sad. I feel as if there's worse things in the world than just me feeling sad. Should I feel like this? Also I'm going to see a counceller/therapist.

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    I guess you should try to stop worrying and do things that will help you cheer a bit. I also feel that you will have to contact a psychiatrist or a counselor to make you feel better. So, don't worry and be happy.Cheers... :D

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    9 years ago

    Do something that makes you happy. Get yourself in check. Fine someone you trust that you can talk to. Depression hurts more than just you. It hurts everyone and its very unhealthy. I really hope everything gets better real soon. If you pray, pray about does help.

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    9 years ago

    It's not unusual you feel like this.

    One thing that leaps out at me though, is that you kinda have life happen around you, but you're not actually living it.

    Try and raise that activity level a little, because most depression is a case of being a 'passenger' of life, instead of driving your own bus.

    So go out, and do more, go play sports, or whatever hobby you'd like to do.

    Think 'whatever' when it comes to your Mom, and her boyfriend, because you can't change that, and any confrontation will be a huge hit to your freedom, so let it be, make the best of it.

    Same goes for your Dad, it's a shame he's not more involved, but don't let it get to you, because you're worth more than that, and it's on him, if he doesn't see that.

    And in School, try and tone the drama down a little, instead of needing to judge everything 'good/bad' simply let things be more, it is, what it is.

    And if it enters your personal space, ask yourself: Will it help if I react?, Will it make my situation better, or worse?, those kind of practical things.

    Make it more of a Do/Don't situation, than a situation where you need to individually judge every situation.

    If you get those things right, you should be feeling better pretty quickly, because it'll help you get away from the drama, and create a more lively, and controlled life, for you.

    You can do it.

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    I feel like going to see a therapist make you feel worst. They can ask the most uncomfortable questions . You should do something to get away from everything like a hobby,sport,etc. That's what I used to think too but I started to pick up things to do with my time so it become much better.

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  • 9 years ago

    There is no need to see a therapist for this because being depressed is bad and if you stay depressed it can ruin you're life. Try joining a sport or doing some sort of activity that can take you're mind of things that trouble you. Try to fix your family situations slowly at first and things will get better.

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