I considering becoming a teacher in Wisconsin. What do I do?

I have a bachelors degree in history and would love to teach social studies. How do I get a teaching license and how long does it take? I have been looking a graduate schools that have a masters degree and teaching licensing combination, is this a good idea. And is there a way of speeding up the license process? Lastly, if someone could tell me the job prospects of getting teaching work that would be greatly appreciated.

I've also thought about getting licensed for special education as well... how much extra time would that add on?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Be careful trying that degree, I believe the additional time you'll need is right around two years, maybe a little less. Wisconsin is hurting as a state right now because of their governor and teachers are a government job - your outlook is dismal at best for finding a job "quick". One of my friends graduated in MN and found a job teaching in the twin cities but hated it because he was teaching in the ghetto and the students were very mean

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