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Is Brock Lesnar really gone from the wwe or it's just apart of the storyline?

Brock just came back for one match now he's gone.That seems kinda strange.

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    In reality Brock Lesnar ''quit'' was just a storyline because WWE originally signed him to one year contract which means that he can make about 40 appearances during that contract. Since Lesnar already appeared 6 times on WWE programming, WWE decided to keep him out of TV by replacing him with Paul Heyman as his representative, because if he continued to make regular weekly appearances on programming, he would soon be left without any appearances which means that he couldn't be able to appear on PPV's on which he is scheduled to appear and perform - Summerslam 2012 and Wrestlemania 29.

    So, since he got in feud with Triple H, it is likely that Lesnar will return weeks before Summerslam to continue his feud with Triple H which could result in a match at Summerslam.

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    9 years ago

    he is gone history

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    9 years ago

    Its a storyline. He is still under contract with the WWE. He cant just go off like that. He has signed a one year contract with the WWE. He will probably return and fued with Triple H. Now, Brock broke HHH's arm and it makes sense for them to fued. I would really love to see that fued. He is still employed. If it was real, it would be a real shame for him.

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    9 years ago

    It is a storyline, he is set to come back and feud with Triple H just like old times in the Attitude Era with Paul Heyman ! finally WWE are giving us what we want, and I can't be sure he will face Triple H at Summerslam, but he's returned and Triple H and him w/ Heyman will have a massive feud, but once WWE clean up these feuds for the WWE/WH titles

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  • Its part of the storyline, he will be facing Triple H at Summerslam and is scheduled for a match at Wrestlemania to.

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    He is still employed by WWE. Brock Lesnar signed a contract to appear with WWE for 40 show's and during his first month back WWE used up I believe 6 of those date's so they are running the whole him suing WWE as storyline to keep people interested. That is why they recently brought in Paul Heyman to cover for date's they do not plan to use Brock! Since neither was on this weeks Raw I would expect Heyman and Brock on 1000th episode of Raw. He did however appear at the recent UFC broadcast and Spoke with Dana White about returning to help add to the storyline, But word is Dana White declined the offer on the grounds he dosen't want to be associated with professional wrestling! He did however tease a Brock Lesnar return when his contract expires after Wrestlemania 29!

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    He's set to face The Game Triple H at WWE 2012 Summerslam!

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