Just realised all this time this guy who I really loved... IS A PEDOPHILE WHO SAYS THE SAME THINGS TO OTHERS?

As you can tell I am an extremely secretive and "sneaky" person... So I originally knew this person and he seemed normal and all... and he seemed a bit goofy but I didn't mind it I knew about the age difference (silly me) but now I hate old guys now...

So he was leading me on as I suspect he seems ver persistent with me and he wanted to be more then friends. I did some stalking and he has never being married and is a pretty descent guy in general...

THEN I made a fake profile of another girl that looked young like me...

And after upon adding him he messaged fake profile saying you are really pretty... etc

Same thing he said to me... should I go ahead and continue talking to him on the fake profile to clarify on things...?

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    9 years ago
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    Haha your in position of power now.. You could if you wanted lead him on a looong mind fcuk journey (Evil grins) but i say dont talk to the weirdo again

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  • 9 years ago

    yeah, come onto him on the fake profile and lead him on and if he takes the bait then hes obviously not worth it..

    and if he IS a peadophile.. just STOP TALKING TO HIM NOW

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