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Etiquette for Fighting with you Spouse?

Is it a good idea when fighting with your spouse to post questions about your fight on Yahoo Answers so as to use the answers as ammo against your spouse?

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    9 years ago
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    Well weve both done it now so seems like a moot point eh.

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    It's a good idea to solve relationship issues with a rational mind and to use loving actions and behaviors in the process -- even if you're upset. ... remember your partner has feelings too.

  • Dennis
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    9 years ago

    Lol you should NEVER use yahoo answer comment as ammo against your spouse. First off it's one sided as everyone is only getting YOUR side of the story, which of course the information given can only benefit YOU of course.

    For example....."my wife won't talke to me, I think she cheated on me after she left...I told her I love her, but she told me to go to hell...then she took the kids and stole money from our account should I leave her?"

    Everyone would say "leave that b'tch! What a c''nt, you deserve better, holy crap!"

    HOWEVER, you failed to mention that YOU cheated on her numerous times, that you also beat her, and you wanted things YOUR way or she can leave. So while everyone THOUGHT they were giving great advice to a poor VICTIM, they were actually giving advice to a lying ''sshole.

    On the flip side however, out of all the answers you get, most likely they're sh'''tty answer anyway. It could be something as small as...."my spouse called me a fatty.....I was hurt...what should I do?" And EVERYBODY will answer "holy crap he/she doesn't respect you, LEAVE HIM!" or "You need to express your feelings, or leave him." It's like instant divorce for some small trivial problem. You'll get maybe ONE good answer that was actually serious...but most...yea no good....OR you'll get advice from a bunch of teenagers, half of them who have NO CLUE to what a marriage is all about...just their own common sense which is about as volatile as the rain patterns in the Amazon.

    So yea, you'd only use yahoo answers as a GUIDE, or a use of a second opinion where you might get a good idea somewhere...kind of like dont' really RELY on them, you just look at them for maybe something you can get a different perspective or idea from.

    my 2 cents.

  • Jayda
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    9 years ago

    Not at all, because the people on Yahoo Answers are hearing only one side of the story, and also, would you use the negative replies as ammo? If someone doesn't agree with you or like what you say, would you use that as ammo too? Probably not, you would probably pick and choose the answers that you know would hut your spouse the most. Not cool. Don't look to strangers to justify your side of the argument.

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  • L S
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    9 years ago


    "use the answers as ammo against your spouse"

    That's not someone who wants to stick to the issues and sort out the problem. That's someone who wants to win at any cost.

  • virgod
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    9 years ago

    Or... you can be advised that fighting is ugly and destructive and that there are numerous other ways to resolve a marital discord.

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