Can i get in trouble for being racist outside of school? on xbox?

What happened was i was playing Xbox and me and my friend had a argument and hes half Nigerian (so hes black) and he called me fat so i said shut up you pikey ****** and he now wants to go to the school! it wasnt at school so can i still get in trouble it was a one off thing and im not racist it was just the first thing i thought of. Can any1 help? also it was cocky argument like saying shut up you fatty and laughing then i said that and hes got all upset and wants to get me suspended!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    you can still get in trouble

  • bible
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    4 years ago

    tell them precisely what you have purely pronounced here. you're actually not racist because of the fact he grew to become into the single that began along with his racism. he's not something extra suitable than a bully, you may think of in college the immature runts could have grown up slightly! regrettably it is no longer the case. on the top of the day it's going to be your word against his and that i guess he won't be waiting to repeat what you pronounced to him because of his small hamster strategies whether you would be waiting to remember word for word each thing he has pronounced to you. you do not have any reason to be ashamed for verbally attacking him all human beings who's being perplexed snaps faster or later it somewhat is a genuine reality of existence!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    no i don't think so

  • Better
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    9 years ago

    I doubt you can get in any trouble for this it wasn't during school. You should explain to your friend what you just explained to us. He was wrong for calling you fatty and you were doubly wrong for calling him the N word. In the end he started it so he should at least be able to meet you half way on an apology.

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  • 9 years ago

    No you cannot get in trouble. Technically it wasnt cyber bullying or anything. If they somehow find a way to bring it up in school then you tell the principle it was spur of the moment and out of humor and act like you know that it was a wrong thing to say (which i hope you do, racism is just so unclassy) then you will be fine. Just act really remorsefull infront of the authorities and after (since the kid is obviously a dick) when you guys are alone smile rlly sarcastically at him.

    Schools have better more important things to worry about and will most likely not care. Theyll probably simply make you apologize and if they do just use the advice i told u up there.

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