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Okay, so it seems like no matter what I do I suck at life. Noone likes me. I can't seem to make friends, and?

I'm a girl, so I'm sure this has a lot to do with the fact that I can't keep a girl as a friend anyways. I've always been able to make friends with guys easier than I can a girl. I'm so unpopular in high school and that's the thing, I was popular at one point. Now, noone likes me and I guess they think I'm a ***** or I talk to much or something, I don't know, but it sucks. I hate feeling left out. I had so many friends at one point and now I have only a few. It seemed like once that popular crowd stopped liking me, everyone else fell into the same routine as well: talking about me behind my back, trying to fight me, and stopping all communication with me what so ever. I'm not an ugly girl, not to be conceited in any way. I'm not mean, and I try and be as sweet as possible. It all started after one situation, a he said she said type thing. I'm guessing people think I talk too much, but whatever it is. I hate it. I want to be liked again. What should I do? I'm about to be in college now and I'm scared that I won't be liked at all. I'm going to NYU and that's a huge school. My sister goes there as well, and she hates me. If I get a bad rep here, I just might end my life, I just feel as though I can't make friends. Even if I'm nice, it sucks. Am I just an unlikeable person or what? It feels awful to see everyone else on twitter or Facebook and they all have best friends. I'm jealous, and I don't know how to turn back or who to turn to. Everyone hates me, and I mean EVERYONE

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    Helpful answer: Don't try to be liked. Just figure out who you are and what you want and others will see that and be inspired and be close to you. I mean, sure, be social, hang out with anyone who will leave their door open or who comes out of their room, but don't try to get them to like you. They'll do that on their own.

    Unhelpful answer: Looks like right now you're headed down the path of being that girl that sleeps with every guy (and some of the girls) in your hall and going to every party and not remembering any of them, just to get people to like you. But this will, of course, get everyone to hate you. Up to the point where they sleep with you and resuming after they're done with you. So follow my first advice, please.

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