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Am I Competitive for US Coast Guard Reserve?

A while ago, I had seriously considered applying for USCG OCS since I knew I had at least the minimum qualifications (bachelor's degree, > 2.5 GPA). After discovering just how competitive the selection process really was, coupled with the satisfaction I had been receiving in my current job and personal life, I decided to hold off on applying.

Recently, a friend of mine had mentioned that I look into joining the reserves. After doing some quick research, I liked the idea of being able to serve my country without having to completely put aside my civilian life. In particular, the two areas that caught my interest were the Maritime Enforcement Specialist and Intelligence Specialist duties. Since my OCS research proved that things are a little more complicated than what is posted on the USCG website, I figured I'd reach out to the Yahoo community to get an idea of just how realistic the opportunity is.

- I am 22 years old, single, and currently residing in Long Island, New York.

- I have a BS in Finance, and am currently working full-time as a Financial Analyst.

- I work part-time as an Information Technology specialist.

- I am a volunteer EMT and Firefighter.

So, in short, I am wondering if my qualifications would make me a competitive candidate for the reserves, specifically as an ME or IS. Secondly, what is the current "job climate" for these ratings? Are they few and far between? Are they the most sought after by applicants? And lastly, is the "climate" expected to change in the near future?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    More than any single factor, ability to enlist in the CG Reserve is mostly dependent on having a position open in the rating you want in the area near where you live. You can be the best qualified applicant in the world - no opening, no ability to enlist. It's not like active duty where you're just feeding a general pool in the Coast Guard as a whole. For enlisted reserve service, it comes down to a specific position opening.

    Regarding your two areas:

    ME - Currently one of the hardest ratings in the Coast Guard to get, active and reserve both. I've informally heard (not sure if this is true or not) that you currently have to already be a law enforcement officer to get a reserve ME spot.

    IS - Generally move available. A bunch of new reserve intel spots were created at Sectors a few years ago as the intel program grew, IS is generally more available than ME......but it really does come down to specifics of what's available in your area.

    I wouldn't entirely rule out applying for reserve OCS either. While competitive, I don't believe it's as competitive as the active duty side. Your chances are only zero if you don't try, no one said getting anything desirable was easy.

    As to what reserve openings might be available in your area.....only your local USCG recruiter can answer that one. See one to learn more.

    Good luck!

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    Go talk to a recruiter

    you need to be scoring over 80 on the AFQT - asvab to have them look at you

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