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If I remarry will my new wifes income raise my child support in the state of Washington?

If I choose to remarry. will my new wifes income affect my child support in the state of washington? will any of her income have to be added to the child support?

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    Your new wife isn't your children's biological parent and her income has nothing to do with your child support. It never will.

    Your income and that of your ex wife are used to determine child support payments.

    If you are still unsure, contact the child support bureau.

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    Your child support will not be raised unless and until the other parent of the child comes into court requesting an increase. She will have to show that when you marry .. your new wife's income will pay for certain expenses that you had been paying previously when you weren't married .. that will effectively free up some of your disposable income and it will be available to pay the increase in support. You can mitigate that by noting that you will continue to pay the expenses that you had prior to the new marriage and that your spouse's income will be paying for the additional expenses that may be incurred with the addition of another person in the household.

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    Call the family court and ask someone there. Since it has not happened, it cannot affect you. They are the experts, not a bunch of yahoos. Would you ask a Yahoo about brain surgery for your child?

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