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What to do when a BOY pressures you?

My name's Alexandera,not Alexander.Anyway my friend is pressuring me into something I don't want 2 do.He comes on 2 me way 2 strong and yells at me when I back away from him.I stood up 2 him and he shoved me down 2 the ground.Now I avoid him even though he hangs @ my favorite spots.What should I do?

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    That is actually "assault" and you can call the police to arrest him. Don't ever let anyone pressure you that way into anything. Is this just a friend who's doing this, or a boyfriend? You must have pretty low opinion of yourself to let someone, let alone a friend, physically abuse you. Why do you even hang with a person who thinks so lowly of you that think they have the right to push you around. That may be the bigger problem. Real friends cherish and protect each other and try to help each become better human beings, not yell and scream and hurt one another. Why do you let this happen? Wait, you don't even have to answer that, just get away from that guy and cut him out of your life. He's only going to make you more miserable and he's certainly not interested in what makes you happy. Run, run, run. Don't think that you're going to be able to fix him with just a little more love. That never works and you'll just be stuck ever-deeper in that pit of hell. Girls always think they can make it better, but they just end up on Cops or Jerry Springer. Don't end up on Cops or Jerry Springer. And certainly not Maury.

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    Tell someone. And stay as far away from him as you can. And dont givr into him no matter what

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