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i need some crazy hair color ideas?

my hair has been dyed so much but this time I'm dying it pink I was thinking that since pink is just to plane y don't I like dye it pink at the top like from the roots to my ears then as it goes down it goes to purple then light purple then like blondeish white at the ends sounds good? I'm only 14 n need some crazy hair color styles so if u havany other styles pweeeeeees tell me o ya n if any of this is fudged up its cuz I'm using a touch screen

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    it'll b reaaly hard to maintain it but i rekon u should go for the dip died look.i have light brown hair and i want to haven it dip died purple or red or blue....

    remember: little is LOTS!!!!

    :) hope that helped!

    BTW if u have red, straight hair it would look epic if you dip died the ends whit... it would look like a fox's tail when in a ponytail!

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    Rainbow c: Or dipdye it. I done that, My hair's blonde and I dip dyed it bright purple, c:

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    9 years ago

    Itll be extremely hard to maintain that look.

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