Was he flirting with me ?? Help!?

Ok so a guy I saw at Walmart an thought he was cute so I used the excuse to ask him if a flower was fake or not lol I didn't really know anyway so he's like yea I'm pretty sure it's fake an then he started laughing an then Im like r u sure so he's like yes pretty positive an laughs an so then I laughed an he went back to work after that he came to help me with something an to find out the price he pulled out his cellphone an was like let me jus get out my cellphone an get to the calculator..an then we talked a little more an laughed an he went back to work but then after that he was working an saw me again an he smiled at me an said hey thing is I was in a relationship for 6yrs an now that I'm back out there again Im kind of scared an unsure if people are flirting with me or jus being nice..advice please lol


Btw he didn't have to help me but he came back to an talked to me when he was supposed to be loading stuff

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  • 9 years ago
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    Sounds like he was just being nice, because you asked him for help. he didn't approach you. Also from what you told us , he was not extrrraaa nice or helpful to you. Just seemed like he was doing his job. If You should have been able to tell from your women's intuition the difference of a man being nice or flirting. My brother used to work fast food and women would always think he was flirting because of how nicely He would say " Would you like ketchup " . Stupid right? So don't overthink small situations. When a man is flirting you will be able to tell. you will just know. If he came up to you and was making small talk,or offering you help then maybe that wouldve been flirting, but you approached him , so I am thinking no...

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    9 years ago

    Flirting usually means interested. If you like him back you should hint him that

    do mine please


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