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Employer fired me and now has no comment.?

Hello. i was fired for stealing tips and when potional employers ask my past employer about me they simply say ''no comment''

This is devasting as i have never been written up, recived employee of the month, selected to be a certified trainer, worked 5 to 6 days a week, trusted with the companies and proprietors personal credit cards. and out of nowhere fired for stealing tips.(i did know who was stealing tips but i had nothing to say about it and they caught him months after i was fired anyways) literally out of nowhere and now i cant get another job because everyone says something really bad must of happened at your old job for them to say ''no comment''

WHY WONT THEY please admit they fired me or say something.

and how can i of worked for them for over a year for them to say ''no comment''


also reason i know he stole is cause the kid use to brag to me. i really wish i would have reported him now cause i was blamed for all the theft. no police report though or even bothered to threaten me with it.. However there were times i was not working at all and accused of stealing , i can actually say two or three times he stole at least $100 at once and i was not working at all those days. i know who he stole them from and pretty much how many people were at the table. he was so detailed he even told me how the servers would be crying and he help them look for the money. I also could recollect another 10 other times he stole 20-50$. and the servers he took them from and almost to the exact date on all of these. this is within my last 4 months of work alone.

now a year later im like wow wow wow i wish i would of said something but i was only 17 and just turned 18. can i report him now? whats the statutes of limitations for stealing $100 not in cash tip but the pay for the

Update 2:

i got unemployment without an appeal even though my employer accused of stealing. i sent unemployment the same email i had sent my district manager pleading for him to intervene and how i was innocent and predicting that a year later i could still not find work.

luckily there are labor halls so i went from making a comfy $30 in 3 hours working as a busyboy. to making $50 working 8 hours digging irrigation. And i get a kool 2 hour drive to work at 4:00 am and dont get home till 6:00 pm or later. i know its my punishment for letting those servers hurt so badly when he stole their money. . but now iv grown and come to realize employers call my past employer and hear '' no comment'' how can i get my employer to admit i was fired for stealing tips. its in the company record and i can no longer work for that country anywhere in the world.

Update 3:

can no longer work for that country anywhere in the world.

*can no longer work for that company anywhere in the world* last line typo

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    No comment is definitely better than "he stole money". They are doing yo a FAVOR by saying that.

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    Sinple they fired you for stealing tips, if they put that instead you still wouldn't get the job.

    If you weren't stealing you should have appealed and asked to see evidence at the time.

    Best advice when applying for a job don't include that one as a reference tell them you took a year out to do something.


    You seem obsessed with getting them to admit to new employers that you were sacked for stealing, no employer is going to hire you if they hear that.

    Now your problem with reporting the guy is 2 fold

    1. You have no hard evidence just your word against his

    2. You knew all about it at the time and did nothing this could even class you as an accomplish especially I the guy decides to get revenge and say you help, you were both fired for the same reason after all

    You are not going to be able to take any legal action after this amount of time I believe the limit on a grievance based complaint is 3 months.

    Again my advice right this of as a learning experience and move on, leave this employer of any references and job applications from now on.

    You are not required by law to list every previous employer.

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    If you were fired for stealing you should not be using that employer as a reference. That's your own fault for using them. Do you honestly expect to get a good referral to an prospective employer if you stole from a former one? You should be grateful they're just saying, "No comment." and not telling everyones you're a thief.

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