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Step brother and I are taking bonding to another level... ?

He's not exactly my step brother, he's my mom's boyfriends son. I claim him as my step dad, he claims my mom as his step mom. But when it comes to us, he doesn't call me his sister and if I call him my brother he'll say, "No... I have enough of those." And I'll say, "So what are we?" One time over text he said, "Soon to be f*ck buddies. Lol." He just pushes the fact that we're not related and it's not incest if we do things because our parents aren't married, and we're not blood related, and "we'll just act as if it never happened, we won't tell a soul", etc, etc. He has a girlfriend, too. Well, now fiancée. I'm not going to go past those boundaries, it's not right. He picks me up, tries to kiss me, touch me, and the other day he tried to get me to let him show or touch my boobs. I said, "No" to all of those things. It's like he's determined to have sex with me. Honestly, I do find him attractive, so I'm trying not to give in because he's like my brother and he's engaged. So it would be absolutely horrible of me. What should I do? I hate feeling persuaded into something that's not right, even though I really want to. We're all 18, he'll be 19 in June or July.

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    If you pursue a relationship with your mom's boyfriend's son who is like a brother to you, not only will you have to face the guilt and shame but you will live in fear of everyone finding out. He knows this and he will use it against you, to blackmail you so he can keep using your body for his own selfish demands. You will become a sexual prisoner. If/When anyone finds out you will labeled a sl*t and skank and all sorts of other names. Get yourself a real boyfriend and stop entertaining these fantasies about an illicit affair with this disgusting man-wh*re.

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    You are consenting adults, and while some people might consider this incest, it isn't. This is actually not uncommon. However, if his fiancee expects him to be monogamous you should definitely not do anything with him. He's a little young to get married, but that is his choice to make.

    As with any situation...

    NEVER allow someone to pressure you into anything you don't want to do.

    But... if you are both free to be with each other, and you want to be with each other and are right for each other, don't let anyone stop you. People should mind their own live lives.


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    There are no ethical strings to him being your pseudo stepbrother. You have no blood or legal ties. Apparently you don't even really consider him as a brother since you admit you find him attractive and are having a struggle to resist (or else you're kinda creepy).

    There are, however, deep seated issues because he is TAKEN. If he is engaged his behavior is way out of bounds and I would leave whenever he begins this inappropriate touching. I would loudly, firmly and repeatedly tell him I don't mess with other women's men and that she will be made aware if he continues.

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    Threaten to tell his fiance.

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