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Why is she doing this to me?

There is this girl. We have been friends for years and she was so blatant with her feelings. However I have a friend who also likes her and he asked her out, yet she said no because she didn't like him. Now she is being nicer to me and showing more affection, then she STOPS because she says she kinda likes my friend, then she is criticizing me and saying I'm picking favourites when she doesn't really talk to me anymore. Then she says she likes me but isn't ready for dating. Then she likes my friend but doesn't want to date him. She talks about me and is super mysterious about what she feels about me only, nobody else. Yet she is playing with my mind. If you need further details on what she is like to me read my other questions about her.


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  • 9 years ago

    You dont need long advice you answered it yourself '' yet she is playing with my mind '' sorry man but dont go for girls like that it will be a waste of time trust me leave the girl alone and find yourself a real women not some little girl

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You're not mature enough for a relationship yet. How will you know when you're ready for a relationship? When you know how to ask her out without advice from the internet. Trust me, the time will come. Just relax and don't rush it.

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