dreams about receiving money from a handsome doctor?

I dreamed that I walked into the house of a very handsome man then I apologized and said sorry I thought this was the house of my ex, I truly apologize. He was caring and he took me outside and said "i'm doctor- then his name" an then he pulled some cash out of his pocket and was deciding wether to give me to $20 dollar bill the $10 or the $500, he put the rest of his cash back in his pocket and gave me the $500 and I felt embarrassed like I didn't deserve it and then I just said "thank you I will invest this into my business" and he was like if you need anything call me....then it turned out that he used to date someone that would be a really useful contact for my business as she happens to be famous.

he was making me feel like a bit insecure, I didn't think he was going to fancy me or that I would be his type but I was....it was so strange. I couldn't wait to see him and I felt happy but still a bit embarrassed as I am not used to receiving money or kindness from a man who is strong or established. it was nice :) what does it mean?

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  • 9 years ago

    Maybe you wanted your ex to be this handsome man. But that doesn't mean physically necessarily. Probably internally good-looking.

    But the ex may be the ex in you. The old part you have separated from. He is male so the symbolism of partners separating can be used.

    You were sorry he wasn't.

    Then he took the form of healer, which means you were healing yourself about your ex.

    What amount of money he was debating to give represented how much healing currency you could gain.

    You got top dollar!$! But you felt you didn't deserve it.

    "Invest this into my business" is investing it into your business of life, for future gain. Meaning you are better off now and will carry it over in future.

    He was like if you need anything call me = This part of you is available for future consultations!

    ....then it turned out that he used to date someone that would be a really useful contact for my business as she happens to be famous. = This part of you brought out another, former part of you that had success, which would be useful for you.

    Then you felt insecure, possibly about if your would succeed in future or not.

    You thought you might not be a match for this new unusual success but you couldn't wait for it. You felt happy being connected with your kind, stronger, established self. It was so nice.

    I hope I got it rightish.

    Source(s): A nice positive dream!
  • 9 years ago

    dreaming about receiving money can mean that you are about to experience some good changes in your circumstances. it can be about your finances, but also about relationships or just about any part of your life where you are hoping for a change.

    the fact that the money was given to you as a gift from a handsome doctor who also offers future promise of more help might indicate that you are going to develope business and/or personal relationships which can be advantageous to your life.

    the fact that you were feeling a little insecure over this windfall might indicate that you have been struggling and are going to find the coming changes almost too good to be true, but you should accept and rejoice in them when they come.

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