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Best team of the millennium? Lakers '01, Kings '02, or Spurs '12?

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    I'm HEAVILY biased but I'd go with the Kings. With all due respect to those who are discrediting the Kings for not winning, everybody knows that the only thing between Sacramento and the championship was a trio of refs led by Dick Bavetta. The Kings had 7 players that averaged double digits in scoring. They had a dominant PF in Webber, a couple of centers in Divac and Pollard that could match up with any bigs in the league, one of the best shooters in the history of the game in Peja, a lock down defender in Christie, a solid PG in Bibby, AND the 6th man of the year in Bobby Jackson.

    We always played well against those Lakers. With Christie on Kobe and Divac/Pollard on Shaq, we matched up with them as well as anyone in the league. '02 Kings vs '12 Spurs would be an interesting match up. Both teams have deep benches, high scoring offenses, the ability to play big and small, and ridiculous levels of teamwork.

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    4 years ago

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    To Jordans Girl,

    So the real winners is the ones who never won a title correct? Because is all about teamwork & is NOT the Lakers fault that the Sacramento Kings lost. Geez!

    Source(s): P.S. Lakers won 5 titles in the last decade which is 2000,2001,2002,2009, & 2010. While the Spurs won 3 titles which is 2003,2005, & 2007. 1999 it doesn't really count because it was the last century.
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    @Yogi the 2001 Lakers DID win the Championship...NOT only did they win the Title that year, but they successfully Repeated as Champions and defended their Title from 2000. Something the Spurs Have Yet to do idiot!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Some maybe will outlook Kings' greatness but really now they are a very deep team like the spurs today but the match was rigged.

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    Out of those, i'd say Lakers.. they were UNSTOPPABLE, seriously with a prime Shaq(arguably the most dominant force in the NBA) and a young. athlethic Kobe Bryant the second best SG of all time... with a good supporting cast. That was the best team out of the ones you chose, no contest.

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    they are such a balanced team in almost every perspective...solid bench, three superstars who have won 4 championships, consistently strong offense and defense, and best of all, even if one of the superstars has a terrible night, the rest of the team makes up for it very well

  • richie
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    9 years ago

    Out of those you mentioned, I'd pick Lakers '01

    But of all time it's either the 86-87 Lakers or 85-86 Celtics

  • Duke
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    01 Lakers

    They were unstoppable.

    Obviously not the Kings, they lost.

    Not the Spurs either, they don't have that dominant inside force. Duncan is playing well but he's no where near what he used to be and even then, 01 Shaq was far better.


    What are you smoking, the Lakers won in 01 and swept the spurs in the process, they also won the year before and the year after.

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    02 kings never won a title...

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