I have a few questions about Final Fantasy 13-2 monsters.?

Ok, so straight up, I'm trying to decide which monsters I'm going to level up and make a good team. For a commando, I have a narasihma, and I like him. But ive been reading that chichus and red chocobos are good too, which I have both, but it took so long to get my narasihma that I don't won't to just toss him aside If he's still a verifiably good commando despite the other two, so I need some insight on that. For ravagers, I was just going to stick with a blue chocobo, but I read cloudbursts are good, so I need a little on that. For a medic, I'm going with either a green or white Chocobo, but I really dont know which is better. As far as other monster roles, I don't use them too exceptionally much and I'm doing just fine in the game. As far as sabatuers and synergists I'm going with the black and purple chocobos once I have the time for a long term investment. I don't really use senteniels at all, since I don't see a huge purpose for them, In my case anyway. So yea id appreciate it if someone who knows what they're talking about, would help me out and preferably not direct me to a forum, because I could search those for days. Thanks in advance.

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  • Y.K.P
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    9 years ago
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    go to any other FF(final fantasy) site so FF fans can help you

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