how to write a expository speech?? ASAP!!?

Hi Everyone,

Just needing to know how would i write an expository speech for the prompt "Courage Means Taking a risk for others"

How do i do the Introduction?

Body Paragraphs?


Thanks sooooo Much!

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Here is a proper structure:

    1. Introduction:

    - opening sentence

    - context

    - strong thesis statement.

    2. Body Paragraph 1:

    - topic sentence

    - supporting sentence

    - analysis

    - transition.

    3. Body Paragraph 2

    4. Repeat as above

    5. Body Paragraph 3

    6. Repeat as above

    7. Conclusion:

    - synthesis of main arguments;

    - restatement of a thesis sentence.

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