How do I know this SWTOR guide is legitimate, or a waste of money; like so many others?

This link provides a 'suposedly' top rated gamer giving away all his secrets in a guide for a price. Advertised by someone who calls themself Tony 'T Dub' Sanders. No idea who this is and whether its a scam or legitimate. I'm not necessarily planning to buy it but want people's opinions, in case I decide to:


ok, well if this guide is no good, does anyone have any suggestions for one. I rarely buy any guides but always when I have I've always bought the one specifically from the producers of the game I'm playing itself.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    It's nothing but **** you already know like every other guide, it just confirms that what you are doing you should stick with for the best results. Because you know how we change or strategy and approach when we think it's not working.

    Source(s): I use to illegally get copies of these guides for wow and sw waste of time downloading glad I was smart not to buy, downloaded out of curiosity I'm maxxxed anyway.
  • 9 years ago

    Simple: All guides you have to pay for is complete bull. You get more and better and above all up-to-date information on various forums.

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