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is 5 inches too much to cut off my hair?

i want a change in my hair cause its getting boring. my hair is below my boobs and in the middle of my ribs. is 5 inches plus a little shorter for layers to short? if so how short or shorter should i go? pleeease anybody's help is appreciated!! guy or girl!!:) thanks!

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    5 inches sounds fine!

    If you're worried about it being too short though, try cutting off an inch or two at a time until you get to the length you want. If you decide to cut it 5 inches (or shorter) and it seems too short at first, try not to worry too much. I recently got my hair cut shorter than I've ever had it and I was really uncomfortable with it at first. After just a couple weeks though, it's grown to just the length I wanted.

    Layers look really good with short hair also! If you can't get quite the shape you want though, there is also a ton of products that you could use in it. Just experiment with it! It'll always grow back and you can always get it cut. :)

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    9 years ago

    Not at all! I'm always growing out my hair then cutting it short again when I want a change! Cut it as short as you want, and if you're really not sure how short to go you can get the advice of your hairdresser :) And anyway, if you do cut off a lot of your hair, you'll be cutting off the more dead parts of your hair (all hair has dead parts) and your hair will end up healthier as well as having a new style :)

    Good luck with your new hair! :)

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