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Pokemon FireRed Version: How can i make my Pokemon Shiny?

(GBA), how do i make my pokemon shiny? without any cheats?

Also, is it true that when i let Daisy (Gary's Mother) on pallet town rub my pokemon 100 Times, it'll become shiny?

Please answers with no cheat. Thanks.

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    1. you cant make your pokemons you owned into a shiny pokemon.

    2. the chance of encountering a shiny pokemon in the wild is 1/8xxx

    3. there is no way catching a shiny legendary pokemon unless cheats are used.

    4. it is possible to hatch an egg into a shiny pokemon (look up masuda's method)

    5. gary's mother doent make your pokemon shiny no matter how many times

    she massages your pokemon

    6. shiny pokemons gives out a swirl of stars and they appear to be different color

    (EG: black charizard is the shiny version of regular charizard)

    i hope my suggestion was useful.

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    Rub, rub, rub, rub, your pokemon became so rubbed its squeaky clean!!! Lol

    Naw, u have to find a shiny pokemon in the wild. However, it has about a 1/8120 chance of happening. I recommend taking some time to go "shiny hunting." Go to a location where one of your favorite pokemon appear with many different pokeballs and just run around and hope to find one. You can also trade one from another trainer. There's this thing called a chain where: if you run into the same pokemon repeatedly, it increases your chance of running into a shiny pokemon. Hope this helps!!! :D

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    Theres a 1 in 8192 chance to find one in the wild, and that is the only way to find one without cheats, but you can trade someone for a shiny Pokemon. No, rubbing it will do nothing.

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    you cant make a pokemon shiny but you can find one but it is very rare! there is a 1/8192 chance of a pokemon being a shiny and the rubbing pokemon thing is not true

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    Lol. You can find 1 by going anywhere that a pokemon will appear. 1/100% chance

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    You have to find one in the wild or by breeding, and it is like a 1/8000chance it will be shiny.

    No it isn't true.

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