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Crazy Hyper Dog, how can I help him?

We adopted a mixed breed dog from a rescue center. They told us he was a pit bull mix but he grew to look like a greyhound mix. When we adopted him it was a requirement to have him neutered to prevent more breedings that lead the puppies to pounds. We took our dog home but he got sick. His stitches from neutering plus his sickness was enough to where we isolated him away from our other two dogs. By the time his stitches were healed and sickness went away, he was basically grown and a very big dog. Don't get me wrong, we did try to let him roam the house as much as we could but we were worried our other dogs would catch his sickness. But now he gets so hyper, charges at our other dgs, jumps on me and my brother, scratches us, and if we turn around, he literally hugs us from behind and scratches our arms. He's now around 4 years old and he's mostly an outside dog, we want him to roam the house with our other dogs. I don't even know if he's happy outside, but his puppy issues made it hard for us to have him adjust to the house. Any time someone es near him he jumps and scratches and barks, you try to pet him and he tries to lick or (not hard) bite your hand. Is there anyway I can help my dog?

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    What sickness keeps a dog isolated for "til grown" which implies 6mos+? I'm confused by what you're trying to say here...

    Have you tried exercising the dog? Training? Playtime? What have you been actively doing to try and prevent this problem?

    I suggest enrolling in an obedience class and making a schedule to fit in 2-3 walks per day that are at least 20 minutes long.

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    He is simply untrained. Why have you allowed this jumping up at all? There is no excuse for living with a dog that doesn't have basic dog manners.

    here is how to stop the jumping;

    Other behaviors can be eliminated with other articles on that basic site, or read some of the articles here;

    An untrained dog is an unhappy dog because it has no idea what the limits are on his behavior and when he will please you and when he won't, thus making him live under considerable stress. This alone can make him hyper trying to figure out what is expected. Dogs want to please their owners and when they don't seem able to do this they either resort to bad attention behavior or completely shut down and ignore you.

    Source(s): Behavior Consultant
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    Hard story to believe as true. What sickness required you to keep the dog isolated from your other dogs and lasted so long... he was grown? Infected stitches can be treated in a week or less...IF seen by a vet.

    Hyper dogs need aerobic (longer, hard) exercise (not just a walk) and training. Neither of which you've provided. He is over-excited, unsocialized and untrained, basically an utter & complete disaster but it was entirely preventable and is fixable, if you are determined.

    Source(s): 25 yrs in dogs; 14 yr vet tech.
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    he's a happy dog that needs attention. You should also consider training him not to jump on you and to do basic commands.

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  • Play with him, thats all he wants.

    Lots of attention and play time.

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