List GMO ingredients I should know and which cerals are known to be GMO!?

I am trying stop eating GMO since I wanna be healthier vegan but I need know ingredients that is GMO and what harm can GMO cause. What kind cerals are GMO? PLS list all that here, thanks

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  • Daisy
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    9 years ago
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    In the USA virtually all corn and soy beans are genetically modified (GM). So anything that contains soy or corn very likely is genetically modified....that includes corn cereals and cereals that have soy as an ingredient. Read the ingredient list on whatever you're buying.

    The Russians have research showing that hamsters fed a diet high in GM soy were mostly sterile by the third generation. Whether that's because of the estrogen like compounds in soy or because it's genetically modified, I don't know. Either way, I try to stay away from soy.

    There are no "recognized" problems with genetically modified far. By that, I mean there are no actual research papers showing that GM products are harmful to humans.

  • Moxie
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    9 years ago

    If you want to avoid GMO ingredients, eat organic. Organic products are not permitted to contain GMO ingredients, despite Daisy's scare tactics.

  • Mike
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    9 years ago

    * You cannot change a closed mind *

    GMO ? = genetically modified organism = ? at the DNA level - no approved food is on the market -but?

    GM ? just might include Every vegetable - fruit and other foods - it started a few thousands years with cross pollination and grafting

    Now I have to quit and read these sites mentioned here...

    good luck

    EDIT - -Ha just what I thought GM is everywhere - whats new - no research just production numbers

  • 9 years ago
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