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What would you do,if you found a smaller than 1 inch tall man in your room one day?

first of alli wanna ask this question in this category.please don't judge me for that you're sitting on your couch and suddenly see a little thing on the floor.firstly you suppose a tiny bug but when you look closely,you understand,he is a little human and he comes in front of your toes and say that

''Hi ,I am a borrower,you big people don't know us but we live in your accidently stepped my family members and they're under your slipper in squichy situation now and my other family members are living but they are afraid of you.we are always accidently crushed by big people i don't wanna die under a foot like them.please save me''

What would you do in this situation?

Save him and make him your little friend,put him in a cage and make him your pet,make him your servant (he can clean places you can't enter or he can polish your toe nails(for girls)) or grind him under your foot like a bug e.t.c you can write what you want (men or women can answer)


@emilia:will this book include you as a charecter in too? :) and if it includes,how will you explain yourself in this

Update 2:

@rhodonath:are you male or female? (just curious) :)

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    I'd befriend him and together we'd design a whole small village for him which I would have built in a spare room, and a similar outdoor facility for warm weather.

    Him and his family/pals could live there without fear and we could help each other out - me doing things only people of my size could do and him and his friends getting into tiny places to sort out things I was too big to.

    It would be fascinating to watch their community expand and develop. I could spend hours in a designated part of their village where they all understood they could only go if they were very careful not to accidently get in a position where I might unwittingly hurt them. But if they wanted they could happily climb and play on me as I visited them.

    I could carry a few outside strapped in my clothes and we could get up to some mischief with them being able to creep into places and move a little bit of cash in my direction.

    Yes I'd love it. Why? Have you found any of these small fellows?

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    I would keep him as a pet/friend/baby. I would buy him a doll house to live in and get him some clothes and stuff. I would take him with me when I went out. I would be afraid of losing him so I would tell him to cling to my hair and use them as ropes or belts to strap himself in. Or he could ride in my pocket.

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    Hey can i have some of that Acid you are on?

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    i'd probably stomp on that sh*t.

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  • 9 years ago

    Write a book about his adventures.

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