Quote about George W. Bush. Thoughts?

"And in America, the articulate use of language is often regarded with suspicion. Especially in the West. Look at the president. He could talk like an educated New Englander if he chose to. Instead, he holds his hands like a man who swings an ax. George W. Bush understands, very astutely, that many of the people who are going to vote for him would regard him less highly if he knew how to put words together. He would no longer be one of them. In Europe, the tradition is one of oratory. But in America, a man's man is never spendthrift with words" - Daniel Day Lewis

Anyone like to put in their 2 cents on this?

(or $2. whatever works)

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    9 years ago
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    The principle in his thought is true of teh majority of American society. Americans usualy vote for people who think like them, follow the same faith and hold firm to certain social issues. This isn't bad, we have the right to vote and we use that right to work in our favor, which is the whole point. So it only makes sense that we vote for someone who talks "like" us. You look to Europes past leaders: Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and especially the communist leaders like Stalin and at times Lenin. they were not just great orators, they were great at uplifting people. They told people who felt powerless, that with them they could have power. This is not the same in America, we want someone we can sit down and have dinner with. Look at Obama and Romney, they both have fundraising events where winners can sit down with them. Americans are more connected to their leader because that leader is because of them. Martin Luther King Jr was one of Americas greatest orators, but I cannot think of a presidential speech that matched the power of Hitler of General Francisco, I would say Lincoln and FDR came close but they got the job done. But the other huge difference is who the audience is. Europe for most of its existence has been rulled by undemocratic means and has been home to the most volitle times in history. We, Americans, have chosen, in some form or another, our leader. This concept is fairly new to Europe. I don't think for a second we are stupid or that Bush was stupid, although I gravely dissagreed with him.

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    9 years ago

    Daniel Day Lewis..... Exactly what are his credentials?.....What gives him the expertise in this area.....

    He is not American...... has spent most of his youth in an English private school because he was a budding juvenile delinquent in public school... collapsed during a stage performance where he claims he saw his dead father..... and has not worked since

    Other than some acting awards.....what are his accomplishments.....

    Has he ever heard of William Jennings Bryan...... or any of the other thousands of famous American orators......

    Mr Lewis gave his OPINION.....I think it was short sighted.... unsubstantiated by history..... and bias

    It panders to an invalid cultural stereotype not supported by facts

    Did President Bush pander to the voting public.....having read Secret Service accounts.....and seen the man in action WHEN HE WAS NOT RUNNING FOR OFFICE.....He is exactly what you see..... no guile or pretense.....

  • 9 years ago

    Lewis referred to Bush43's speech, not his idiotic thoughts and deeds, or his recklessness that destroyed the global economy. Too, Lewis ignored the best of the worst use of the English language. Promoting his "No Child Left Behind" policy, Bush43 asked the rhetorical question, "The question, is our children learning?" According to Lewis, "He holds his hands like a man who swings an ax." He talked as if his head was cleaved by an ax.

  • I followed Bush for his eight years in office and I must say he was a politician who spoke to us straight - without using political lingo or speaking out of a dictionary like Obama. He was a person who didn't beat around the bush (no pun intended). I also admired him for the way he could comfort a nation, especially after 9/11.

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  • Jonah
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    9 years ago

    George W. Bush was an idiot.

    This sounds like some European trying to poke fun at us Americans. Quite frankly, I'm tired of people wanting America to become more like Europe. Europe is a MESS. It has been a mess for the last 400 years. We DO NOT need to be more like Europe, we need to be more AMERICAN. We NEED to follow our constitution. IF we do not do this; all of the hard work, all of the bloodshed, will have been a waste, and we deserve to be slaves to the bankers.

  • 9 years ago

    There are over 300,000,000 Americans. To say that they all think alike is absurd. Mr. Lewis is wrong - except in SOME cases but definitely not ALL cases.

    Source(s): I'm one of those 300,000,000 Americans with an elevated grasp of language.
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