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Name the 3 current wrestlers who you assume are in the WWE Doghouse?


Now also, instead of just assuming who's in the doghouse, please give the reason why those 3 current WWE superstars were put in the WWE doghouse.

For example back in 1996, HHH was a in the WWE doghouse for a long time because of the MSG curtain call incident with his departing clique buddies.

Update 2:

I think it's also evident that the Miz is currently serving some sort punishment by the WWE for something he did backstage.

BQ: Now the bonus question is... what could be the reason for the WWE to suddenly demote the Miz so drastically.

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    I hope you don't mind, but I have more than 3 wrestlers, so I am going to write them as well.

    #1) The Miz - During a Battle Royal match on an edition of Monday Night Raw, The Miz failed to catch R-Truth who performed senton on The Miz -

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    As a result of his mistake, R-Truth suffered an injury although it was nothing serious, but immediately after he got backstage, Triple H confronted The Miz and yelled at him due to his mistake couple of minutes earlier. As a result of that, WWE decided to punish The Miz by putting him in long losing streak on Raw and PPV's which lasts even now. From being WWE Champion, he came to a status where he is beat up by Brodus Clay in matter of minutes.

    Also, another reason behing his depush is low Survivor Series 2011 buyrate.

    #2) Alex Riley - During summer of 2011, Alex Riley received a huge push which resulted in a decent feud with The Miz whom he surprisingly defeated at Over The Limit 2011 and later received a U.S Championship match at Night of Champios 2011. That night was the last night of his push. Apparently, Riley botched in that match, as well in his others (he botched a lot during last summer -

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    As a result of his botches, he was punished and sent to B shows like Superstars and NXT where he regurarly competes to improve his ring skills. In my opinion, WWE should send him in FCW, instead of wasting a great talent and releasing him in the future. He definitely has potential to be a big superstars, but he needs to fix his skills.

    #3) Jack Swagger - The guy has great ring skills, former World Hvt. Champion, he had bright future in front of him, but ever since summer of 2010 when he lost WHC, he was depushed that he can't be depushed more. Reason - lack of mic skills.

    If WWE gives me at least 5 minutes time to cut a quality promo, that would save him. Also, he NEEDS to change his gimmick. It's stale, and I can't stand his stupid haircut. IMO, he should turn face. He and Swagger are almost over as Tag Team, and some face ''American Patriot'' gimmick would suit fine for him. From there, he could move up the cards.

    #4) Drew McInytre - He had big push by winning Intercontinental Championship from John Morrison in 2010, he was ''The Chosen One'', he had potential to be World Champion in the future. But, one thing destroyed his career - incident with his former wife and WWE Diva, Tifanny. I read this somewhere, but the article said that he beat Tifanny in hotel room at Wrestlemania weekend. As a result of that, he was taken off the card. Ever since then, McInytre was punished and depushed on both Raw and Smackdown until today.

    If WWE continues this, I can see him becoming ''The Released One'' after being ''The Chosen One''.

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    For ECW, Christian has made an impact and relatively boosted the entire exhibit. He's now not my favourite however he provides an oz. More enjoyment that anyone else on that roster. For raw, i'd say John Cena has made the largest affect. He's are available in and changed masses principles. He is made WWE PG mainly. Or helped it anyway, that may be a colossal have an effect on whether or not you just like the PG factor or whether ya hate it. On Smackdown i might say Undertaker has made the most important affect to this company peculiarly. He's given lots to WWE, however he quite boosted this company. Made an influence, tremendous affect. Nonetheless, overall i am gona say HBK has made the largest influence to the entire of WWE. He is bought seriousness to the sport, he is purchased humour and he's bought emotions. The influence he's made is he is grew to become some enthusiasts into seeing the brighter photo and pondering more outside the box. HBK is the best role model for the reason that he does trade and he will get the job accomplished in ring however he's a role mannequin in existence itself. It is tough to give an explanation for what i am getting at but HBK has made an have an impact on from day 1. If he doesn;t count as current then i'm going to say John Cena. X

  • I can name more than that:

    1) Drew McIntyre--A lot of people did not like his now Ex-Wife and he is still being punished for that.

    2) The Miz--He failed to catch R-Truth during a Tag Team Match and R-Truth hit the floor outside the ring and was hurt. The Miz was also blamed for a drop in Pay Per View Buys for one of WWE's Pay Per Views. What this had to do with The Miz, I don't know, but that's what has been rumored.

    3) Zack Ryder--I think there is resentment of him for being a favorite among Fans of Social Media.

    Other Wrestlers see The Miz as being a Media Creation and not as someone who has paid his dues.

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    Before I answer your question I gotta ask: Why do so many people think that The Miz is in the doghouse? I've always thought that The Miz is not main event material and I still think that to this day. The only reason why The Miz had a long WWE Title reign is because of the attention that WWE got from making him the WWE Champion (which is why he calls himself the most must-see superstars). The Miz in my opinion was a one hit wonder and WWE realized that he belongs in the midcard and i think that The Miz should stay in the midcard.

    Now to answer your question, I think these 3 superstars are serving punishment by WWE:

    Drew McIntyre - Remember when this guy used to be The Chosen One? Yeah Vince McMahon "predicted" that Drew McIntyre would one day be a World Champion and I believed that too because Drew is more talented than The Miz but where is Drew now? He's never on TV and I don't remember when was the last time Drew won a match. WWE stopped pushing Drew after his ex wife Tiffany was fired so Drew is obviously being punished for that but that happened 2 years ago and WWE still won't renew his push. I hope Drew doesn't get released this year.

    Zack Ryder - I don't know what happened but WWE is not pushing Zack Ryder like they used to anymore. His United States Title reign was short and forgettable and he's not on RAW or Smackdown every week anymore and when he does have a match, he loses. I think WWE is not happy that Zack Ryder became popular on his own without the help of the company or maybe the only reason he was pushed was because he was popular and not because they like him at all.

    Jack Swagger - Swagger was the World Champion for almost a 100 days. Obviously they saw something in Swagger that they allowed him to be champion for so long (I don't think anyone expected him to be champion for longer than 2 months). And hey...Swagger is very talented but the problem is that Swagger's World Title reign was BORING. It's one of the worst reigns ever and I think WWE is punishing Swagger for that. Swagger loses almost all his matches and his U.S. Title reign was so short that people won't remember it. I feel sorry for Swagger.

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    Drew McIntyre- He was put in a storyline to lose matches on Smackdown, not sure whatever happened to that one. He has tons of talent and great mic skills. WWE needs to turn this guy face or at least put him back on Smackdown to fued with Ryback or something.

    The Miz- It might be the Survivor Series incident, but that was LAST year, and also Miz is playing in The Marine 3: Homefront!

    Hunico- Last year he was in a good rivalry with Sin Cara. Now he's jobbing on Smackdown. The guy has alot of talent and charisma, but WWE needs to really use this guy, he could be a big player in WWE if WWE plays their cards right!

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    Beth phenox

    Miz , cause he's a great wrester & has great mic talent yet he's championshipless , is jobbing & got embarrassed by orton

    Ryder cause he has great charisma & all the wwe fans (kids & adults) love him yet he's jobbing

    Beth cause to me she is the most dominant diva in the wwe right now. With no gold around her waist it just sucks

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    The Miz - The incident with R-Truth, and also him being a part of the blame for decline in ratings.

    Chris Jericho - Suspended for the flag incident. I consider that being in the doghouse (somewhat).

    Zack Ryder - Back when he was being placed in main even matches, there was a decline in ratings. In his defense, I honestly don't think that was his fault.

    BQ: Answered above. Although, with him starring in the upcoming Marine film, that may be his way out of the doghouse.

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