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Why did a Texas Judge Jail a Honor Roll Asian High School Student who was working Part time?

the student was taking college level classes and was on the honor roll for all of them an she was jailed cuz she missed a few classes while getting straight A's what a joke an shes asian and this happened texas so it wasn't a white person get its of course another minority isnt it

texas makes me sick doesnt it make u sick too?

she was working part time to pay the bills for her family and she was jailed for it VALUES VALUES VALUES where are ur values texas


wait she was working FULL time at dry cleaners part time at another place her parents were divorced and left the state an she took care of her other siblings while in texas

what a joke texas u are a fat joke shes taking AP courses higher level than that judge ever took

Update 2:

typical lazy dude

shes getting straight a's how is that possible how is she on the honor roll if she missed 10 days?

can u explain that to me u imbecile?

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    Because it is the South. The South and the Southeast are full of degenerate, hypocrite, inbred, right-wing, retarded, ignorant, a-moral bible-thumping, religious bigots.

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    4 years ago

    i'm the respect roll pupil, and my brother is the highschool drop out druggie. My mom loves us all the comparable, yet in distinctive methods. A mom loves her toddlers no rely what.

  • Janet
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    Hi, I have a nice home, my spouse and I are married, and our daughter does miss school. So we send her to school with a sick note the next day. Our weal tier friends take off on vacations 10-20 days a year and nothing happens. But this kid is abandoned, living at her bosses house (homeless), and is poor (has to work for food), but this judge tosses her in jail. Look, jail is for criminals, bad people who do bad things. jail is not for homeless honor roll abandoned students who miss class. If a kid misses class put them in detention (a lot). Or how about proving the kid food stamps! And what about a place to live and help. This state is a sick place with a school to prison pipeline that let's rich kids take off on month long vacations but punishes a homeless girl who was late 10 times. This is a sick sick place that has the 2nd worst SAT scores in the nation and the most number of jailed students nationwide.

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    Govt. sleeping.

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  • Liz
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    9 years ago

    It is wrong. As long as her future is secured he should have let her go and referred her to social services. What do you really expect. The US imprisoned more people than nation in the history of the world. Of course their are many cases where good people are jailed.

  • CJ
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    9 years ago

    Why are you jumping all over the people of Texas because of the actions of one idiot judge? I'm quite sure we could find a miscarriage of justice in the place where you live. Would we lump YOU into one catagory with the idiots too? Not quite fair.

    The JUDGE was a fool, not the people of Texas.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    She missed more than 10 school days without excuse within six months. That's considered truancy under state law.

    In this state, if you're enrolled in a public school, you're required to meet objectives before you can graduate.

    If she felt that work was too much of a priority over school, she should have filled out the paperwork to drop out of school.

    It doesn't matter if she was the freaking valedictorian of her high school. The law still applies to her, regardless of her grades and/or courses. If she's too smart for school, she should have graduated early.

    But as long as she's enrolled in a public high school, she is legally bound to attend classes per state law.

    Source(s): I'm from Houston, Texas (the same city as that girl)
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    9 years ago

    Texas is sexist

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    yes they are ignorant rednecks

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