is my transmission about to go out?

i have a 99 chevy cavalier rs. it does not have an rpm gauge so I cant tell what is going on. sometimes when I hit the gas from a dead stop the car has trouble accelerating and makes a popping sound then accelerates normally. also it sometimes has trouble going from a low gear to a higher gear causing a momentary loss of acceleration. it also makes a constant whining sound when the engine is on and gets somewhat louder as i accelerate. what can i do to fix the problems how long would you say the transmission will last? i drive 20+ miles a day for work and have to make a 60 mile trip once a month. I need the car to last until march when I will have enough for a down payment on a better car.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I can see your concern. Especially in a car that you depend on to get you 20+ miles to work. But let's look at your concerns one at a time.

    First you said the car hesitates in acceleration coupled with a popping noise. I am guessing you mean a backfire of some sort. If this is correct, then no, your transmission isn't the cause of this problem. I would think your Cavalier is running lean and causing the backfire. When is the last time you had your fuel filter serviced. I would start there and then work your way toward other causes such as a failing Mass Air Flow sensor.

    You mentioned a noise that seems louder as you accelerate. This is important, does it change with engine speed, or vehicle speed. If it changes with vehicle speed, you are most likely looking at a failing hub bearing. This is critical and should be addressed as quickly as possible. If the noise changes with engine speed, yes you might be looking at a transmission input bearing.

    Please, have these concerns addressed as soon as possible.

    Source(s): ASE certified Heavy Truck Technician 1983-present
  • 9 years ago

    Post mileage.

    Before anything can be fixed, it has to be diagnosed.

    I'd have only Chevy do that.

    Have only Chevy/GM do all the reg maint on schedule including oil/fliter changes, dont use a n00bL00b joint like JipYouL00b, etc.

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